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About Extreme Repair Solutions

Extreme Repair Solutions was founded by an experienced team in 2016, an auto repair company which is located inCrown Mines, Johannesburg, boasting many year of success and credibility in the motor industry.
Extreme Repair Solutions, a 100% black-woman owned company is also made up of an enthusiastic team with individual experience in this market and business of more than 20 years.

Extreme Repair Solutions is best suited to serving the insurance; vehicle manufacturer, fleet management companies and car sales market, in saying this we also believe that no job is too big or too small.The company is able to execute on complicated jobs due to the experienced staff with many years of experience and geared with the best equipment.
Based on our experience we have the understanding of each customer's unique needs placing us among the most respected service providers in the automotive body repair industry.

Extreme Repair Solutions are geared to carry out the full spectrum of auto body repair from repairing minor bumps and scratches to repairing substantial damage requiring a major structural repair.
We are accredited and affiliated by most industry bodies, giving our customers the assurance of our commitment to quality and professionalism, allowing our customers to benefit from our dedicated business team.

The company also is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship based on experienced technical staff coupled with great company ethos allowing us to meet the agreed delivery dates, and executing the work exactly in accordance with the customers’ expectations.

The company is registered in Johannesburg, South Africa and, owned and managed by black experienced people with key staff having more than
20 years industry experience.